This simple recipe for classic deviled eggs is the perfect party snack! With a hit of hot sauce and a little dijon mustard, this is one of my all-time favourite recipes!

Deviled Eggs

Originally posted in April 2010, I figured this post needed a photo upgrade. And really, over the years I’ve changed this simple Deviled Egg recipe and needed to share! Now I like to add some hot sauce, minced shallot, and a sprinkle of green onion to the mix – it is fabulous!

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Easy, creamy, and delicious recipe for banana date popsicles made with Greek yogurt and sweet coconut cream

Coco Banana Date Pops

Only 2 more nights left in this apartment. The fridge and stove are gone, the freezer is being unplugged tonight, and ALL of our dishes are packed. We’re ready. Antsy, actually.

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A truly easy and delightful pasta salad that is perfect for any summer get together! This salad features bocconcini, fresh arugula, basil, sweet grape tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, orzo pasta, and a delightful lemony-balsamic dressing.

Arugula, Basil and Tomato Orzo Pasta Salad

The fridge and stove are gone. Sold. I came home after a fantastic weekend away with my best lady friend to find Paul sitting at the kitchen table working. When I looked around the empty-ish apartment and asked about his breakfast that morning he smirked and replied “dried cheerios”. He was serious.

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This Rhubarb Ripple Frozen Yogurt is the perfect treat for rhubarb season! The Greek frozen yogurt comes together extremely quickly and the rhubarb ripple adds a delightful colour and flavour!

Rhubarb Ripple Frozen Yogurt

I have finally used up all of the leftover frozen rhubarb in my freezer and guess what time it is? It’s time for the fresh stuff friends!!

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Happy June everyone! The weather right now is unreal and the produce selection is, in my opinion, perfect already. We’ve got choices like asparagus, avocado, beets, blueberries, cherries, green beans, greens, herbs, mangos, peas, rhubarb, strawberries and soooo much more.

Like every month, below I’ve highlighted the in-season produce for June plus links to five recipes for each fruit or vegetable. Enjoy!

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After months and months of parties and planning things for my best friends wedding, it’s all over. This weekend was amazing; my girl is married, and now it’s time to move on from all the excitement that goes with that, to beginning to think about packing for my big move across the country at the end of June.

Strawberry Banana Bread

It’s killing me not being able to buy things for my cupboards like quinoa and spring roll wrappers. Opening something new means that the leftovers would be wasted, and so I’m using up what I have, and then also sticking to fresh fruits and vegetables to keep us fed.

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As May comes to a close, it’s really starting to settle in that I’m moving in a month. I am SO excited, more happy than not happy, to be sure, but June is beginning to look like it’s going to be, quite frankly, a shit show.

Egg Salad Sandwiches with Fresh Herbs

For example, on June 24th everything from my apartment is being moved to British Columbia. This does not include me.

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I have had the craziest couple of days, and after a long weekend in Houston, Texas, I am back and ready for alllll the healthy breakfast options! Starting with overnight oats.

Blueberry Overnight Oats with Chia and Flax

This version for overnight oats is super simple and delicious. I based it off of my banana and chia recipe and changed it up a bit by removing the banana, adding ground flaxseeds, and topping it with almonds and blueberries.

Guys, this is SO GOOD! And really perfect for the warmer weather. I live in a tiny apartment and when it gets hot, I simply have to get over my hotness and deal. Smoothies and overnight oats are my everything right now.

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