Another month gone. Luckily, September still brings lovely weather and with an abundance of leftover fresh produce, not all is lost! I’m still seeing corn and zucchini in my near future, that’s for sure.

Salted Dulce de Leche Latte

I’m currently writing to you from out east. All I did in August was work, weekends included, so that I could take this week off and spend time camping in Tadoussac and then in Gaspésie Park. I’ve never been whale watching before, so Paul and I decided September would be a great month to hit the open road and relax on the Saint Lawrence River. We plan on hiking and sleeping in and relaxing like pros. My brain pleasure centres are tingling just thinking about it.

And with my badass summer playlist anything is possible.

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Monday. It’s HERE! And apparently it’s September tomorrow so on goes the oven!

Mini Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Muffins

Well, actually the oven is turning on for road trip snacks. Tomorrow we’re off!! We’re almost all packed and ready for our big trip to Tadoussac, QC and Gaspésie, QC. It will be a long drive so I figured we would need some homemade food to save a bit of money while we’re away for the week.

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Waffles for the weekend! Waffle weekend warriors! Waffle fever! And these crisp beauties are swirled with Nutella. Yipee!

Nutella Swirled Belgian Waffles

Can I get a high five? Because these waffles are sure to make you want to jump up and down.

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Breakfasting. It’s just my favorite thing. Besides running and my husband and looking at pictures of my friends’ babies (my new obsession).

Honey Almond Granola

Recently we’ve been blowing through a ton of bananas (for smoothies) and don’t feel like throwing the oven on during the work week. Granola is the solution to my morning scatter brain. It’s just so good.

I mean, look at that stuff. It’s fabulous when palmed into ones face.

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What a weekend! Paul ran his first half marathon, I made chocolate ice cream for the first time, and we ate sooooo much Indian food. I love life.

Crispy Almond Butter Tofu Lettuce Boats with Mango Pico

But now it’s back to the daily grind and with our race out of the way it’s time to pack in some seriously healthy (and delicious!) food. We can’t be eating Indian food every day if we’re not going to run it off!! Plus, it’s still hot as heck, so let’s eat some colour while we still have it #amiright?

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Pizza night is the best. We all know it.

Asparagus White Pizza

And I like pretty much any kind of pizza. My absolute favorite being Neapolitan style (which we make this way), but when it comes to other styles of pizza I am game for anything.

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This weekend was a true delight. The weather was (relatively) cooperative, I did a lot of baking, and I didn’t have any plans.

Fresh Lime Sherbet

I did see others doing some crazy stuff though. As I’ve mentioned before, Montreal is a fabulous city to live in, especially in summer, since there is always a ton of random stuff going on. Like, on Saturday while I was on my morning run I ran by a giant waterslide and then later that day for my evening walk noticed a bunch of people my age playing soccer in giant bubbles. I NEED to join this soccer team immediately…and so do you.

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