Over the weekend Paul and I were discussing how this winter has been more than just cold. Our nostrils are sick of sticking together and our faces have never been so dry.


At work and with friends it seems we’re all on the same page. It’s FREEZING! And we’re done with it.

Well, it looks like we haven’t been complaining for nothing. February was the coldest month in recorded history in Montreal. Thank goodness it’s over.

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I didn’t share this pudding. Definitely meant to, but like many things in this kitchen, the whole bowl ended up being mine.

Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding

Paul goes away for the weekend sometimes, and so I’m left in my kitchen with two choices: (1) make a big batch of stuff for the two of us to share upon his return or, (2) make some single-lady type snacks.

Both options are good.

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A simple lemon cake with a simple glaze is sweet, sweet perfection.

Olive Oil Lemon Cake

But sometimes candied lemons are necessary when you want to feel like a fancy-pants.

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I’ve had baking on the brain for a week with Valentine’s Day coming up.

apple pie

You’d think it would be chocolate, but in this house all of my love-baking (Ha! Sorry, I couldn’t resist) goes into a good pie.

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I never know what kind of vinaigrette to add to my salads. There are always too many variations to choose from.

Apple, Pecan and Feta Salad with Maple Cider Vinaigrette

For instance, this salad would be nice with a simple balsamic dressing, a raspberry vinaigrette, or even a creamy dressing! But with the apples and pecans packed in there I figured apple cider vinegar would be my weapon of choice.

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Happy February! Time for these days to get a bit longer, don’t you think?


I’m yearning for Spring, for the ability to walk home with my groceries and not have the produce I just bought freeze in the bags, and for more light in general.

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Breakfast cookies again! Totally appropriate for winter.

Peanut Butter, Banana and Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies

With the Boston Marathon fast approaching, I’ve had to wake up early to get my training in before work.

I rise at 5am, take the bus to the gym, hit the treadmill, come home to have coffee with Paul, and head across the street to work. It’s the early rising that encourages me to make things that are more grab and go. Whether I make granola bars, muffins, or breakfast cookies, they are all very much welcome at 5 in the morning when I can barely tell the difference between my toothbrush and my hair brush.

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