This is how we do banana bread.

banana bread // warm vanilla sugar

We already talked about how we do french toast. But this, this is how I make banana bread when I’m not blogging about it, when I need to use up bananas and don’t want to look at a recipe, and when I know I’m going to need a solid, satisfying snack.

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My second week here in Sicily has been much more about settling into a routine over exploring, and it’s a good thing.


I keep forgetting that I live here, and am getting behind on normal things like laundry and dishes. These things aren’t fun, but they give me more time to feel like I’m actually getting stuff done.

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It’s my second week in Palermo, and I still have so much to explore.

bourbon pecan pie with dark chocolate // warm vanilla sugar

On Monday I started work, so I’ve only been able to walk around in evenings passing by new gelateria’s and pasticceria’s every few minutes. It’s amazing how big this place is and even more amazing how many foods I need to try! I can’t tell you how much fun it is though, so I’m really enjoying my “Sicilian Sundays” posts, where I share my experiences here as well as a traditional Sicilian recipe.

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On Tuesday morning after an 11 hour flight, Paul and I arrived in Palermo.

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We spent the afternoon figuring out our surroundings. We live in a fully furnished apartment with barely any counter space, remote control EVERYTHING, a bidet, and a strange “pod shower” that shoots jetting water in a bunch of your body crevices you didn’t even know you had. We’re happy here, but it’s what is outside of the apartment that interests me!

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With all the packing and moving I’ve been doing over the past two weeks I totally forgot to tell you guys something.

I made it into the Boston Marathon!

caramelized french toast // warm vanilla sugar

And you might be thinking, “girl, we know, you told us already!”…but it’s not that simple! Once you qualify for Boston, you have to apply and wait to see if the faster runners fill up the race or not. I beat my qualifying time by 5 minutes, so this allowed me to sign up a tiny bit earlier, also securing me a spot.


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Well, living out of a suitcase is certainly interesting.

cinnamon toast // warm vanilla sugar

But it’s not like I haven’t done it before.

Paul and I are all packed and visiting family before flying to Sicily on Monday. It’s annoying at times – I have minimal make up and couldn’t fit some of my favorite clothes in my (must be under 50lbs) suitcase, but I’m dealing.

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Anyone else out there have a cat that just screams and screams and screams?

crispy almond butter tofu spring rolls // warm vanilla sugar

As you might have guessed, I do.

She’s not always a screaming baby, but when Paul and I get home from vacation she certainly is. And sure, it’s “meowing”, but this high-pitched, constant whining is nothing like the cute mews from cartoons. It’s the worst.

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August was the best.


Truly. I had so much fun!

I got married right at the beginning of the month.
I celebrated my grandparents being married for 50 years.
I made a wedding cake.
I went canoe camping.


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