Well, living out of a suitcase is certainly interesting.

cinnamon toast // warm vanilla sugar

But it’s not like I haven’t done it before.

Paul and I are all packed and visiting family before flying to Sicily on Monday. It’s annoying at times – I have minimal make up and couldn’t fit some of my favorite clothes in my (must be under 50lbs) suitcase, but I’m dealing.

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Anyone else out there have a cat that just screams and screams and screams?

crispy almond butter tofu spring rolls // warm vanilla sugar

As you might have guessed, I do.

She’s not always a screaming baby, but when Paul and I get home from vacation she certainly is. And sure, it’s “meowing”, but this high-pitched, constant whining is nothing like the cute mews from cartoons. It’s the worst.

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August was the best.


Truly. I had so much fun!

I got married right at the beginning of the month.
I celebrated my grandparents being married for 50 years.
I made a wedding cake.
I went canoe camping.


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Bringing back my favorite pie!

rhubarb pie // warm vanilla sugar

Why? Because I recently deleted the original recipe by accident. Got angry. Threw a few things, and after hours of putting everything back together again in a nice little package, here we are.

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Happy long weekend!

carrot cake oatmeal // warm vanilla sugar

Today is my last day of work before leaving for Sicily, so Paul and I decided we should enjoy the great outdoors before our big trip and go canoe camping in Algonquin Park (one of our favorite things to do).

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I have just over two weeks until I move to Sicily, and I can’t possibly express how totally and completely unprepared I am.

Sriracha and Lemongrass Marinated Tofu Bowls // Warm Vanilla Sugar

The whole thing has always seemed super unreal and far away, so I’ve just been going about my business…and now it’s the end of August and I have a lot of packing to do.

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I’m an early riser. As in, I get up at 5:00am Monday to Friday to go for a run.

buttermilk blueberry breakfast cake // warm vanilla sugar

I get asked about it a lot. Questions like:
“how and WHY do you do it?”
“do you ever sleep?”
“what time do you go to bed?”

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