Hallowe’en is tomorrow. Can we talk about things that scare us?

spinach and artichoke pizza

As I’ve gotten older I find myself afraid of way more things than I used to be – like getting electrocuted when I plug in my travel adapter or choking on an almond.

Little, stupid things, but they’re real.

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It’s crazy that it’s been six weeks already. We’re halfway through our stay here, which means only six more weeks until we’re back in Canada (and just in time for winter)!

tortellini soup

I wish I could bring the sunshine back with me. It’s going to be strange going from blue skies and T-shirt weather to a parka and clouds.

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When I’m in Montreal, my love for Starbucks oat fudge bars runs deep.

oat fudge bars

It’s a weird obsession. One where the baristas think I am ordering two bars because I like to share, and give me my bars in two separate bags. I smile politely, and then take my bars home to eat by myself.

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This week flew by.

baked caprese dip

I spent Canadian Thanksgiving hanging out with a few strangers at a Sicilian cooking class, spent the week in a dark room watching wasps walk on paper, and right now I’m in Lipari attempting to get this post to you with some sketchy wifi.

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This post is an expression of love to all of the Pasticceria’s in Sicily. All hail ricotta stuffed pastries!

sicilian sundays // gelato con brioche

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving Sunday, and like I mentioned in my last post, instead of hanging out with family or my husband I’ll be spending time with a bunch of strangers and taking a three day Sicilian cooking course.


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It’s Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, and to celebrate this year I am taking a Sicilian cooking course with a few strangers.

pumpkin pie with candied pecans // warm vanilla sugar

This is definitely going to be the weirdest Thanksgiving ever. And there will be no tofurkey, no mashed potatoes, NO PIE!!!…not even a family member to hug.

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