With two exams under my belt and one exam left I am FEELING Spring….both in my step and with the sunshine on my skin.

asparagus eggs benedict // warm vanilla sugar

It’s kind of awesome. For those of us with snow in the winter months, we all know how long last winter was, so it’s super nice to see some sunshine, lots of birds, and Spring vegetables.

Asparagus is my favorite.

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I have two exams this weekend – one this Saturday and one on Easter Monday, soooo I’ll be hanging solo instead of spending time with my family. Needless to say, food will be my comfort. If I can’t have my Nanny’s Easter dinner, then I can at least brighten my day and make my own Easter treats!

Let’s start the day off right with these carrot cake pancakes ..or this carrot cake bread. Pretty much anything carrot cake flavoured.

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Today was my last class of college. Ever. Kiiiiiiiind of excited.

peanut butter and honey easter eggs // warm vanilla sugar

I started this blog in 2010 during the last year of my undergrad degree. I had just moved to Ottawa and was trying to figure out what to do next. A Masters? A job? College? Everything seemed confusing, and I really didn’t know where I belonged, or what I should be doing.

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I am so freaking excited. Today a bunch of bloggers and I are celebrating our sweet friend Stephanie from Girl Versus Dough!! She is having her first baby next month, so a group of us have gotten together to throw her a virtual surprise baby shower. ’cause, you know? Babies are awesome.

pecan sticky buns // warm vanilla sugar

Since Steph is a lover of all things doughy and buttery and sugary, I figured these sticky buns would be PERFECT for the party, and I hope she agrees!

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This past weekend finally showed signs of Spring. And it was AWESOME!

Spicy Maple Tofu, Shiitake & Butternut Spinach Salad

So naturally I wanted salad for every meal. And still do.

I’m really into colour right now. After going through the winter from hell, I’m craving bright vegetables and fruits, and am trying to incorporate fun recipes that burst with the colour I covet.

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Guys, it was above freezing todaaaaaaay!! I totally wore my rain jacket. Let’s blow up some balloons, pop them, and click our heels!

Curried Egg Salad Sandwich // Warm Vanilla Sugar

…or not. Either way we’ll be excited together. I can feel it.

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It’s April. There’s snow on the ground. I’m not apologizing for being annoyed. I WANT SPRING!!…and for people to stop asking me why I’m wearing rain boots in the snow.


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Apparently I’m all about quick recipes this week, but I know you feel me.

Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse // Warm Vanilla Sugar

Mushroom fried rice can be made in under 30 minutes, and this mousse is even quicker (if you cut out soaking the cashews, of course)! Just throw the ingredients in your food processor and press GO, chill it while you make your dinner, and eat up.

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Quick weeknight dinners are my jam.

Mushroom Fried Brown Rice // Warm Vanilla Sugar

I will legit spend 5 hours if necessary preparing a weekend dinner, but during the week I want something that won’t take up my whole night. Netflicks and kitty cuddles are waiting, after all.

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This week I needed cookies. And not just one….like, a dozen.

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies // Warm Vanilla Sugar

And I’m not saying cookies solve everything, but for me, it’s the process of making them that is so special. I love scooping out the dough and waiting for the cookies to cool – it’s therapeutic and fun in and amongst the craziness that is life.

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