When I talk about my best friends to the new people I meet, they genuinely can’t believe that I still hang out with the same girls that I did in high school. We don’t live in the same city, but we’ve always made an effort over the years to see each other. These women have taught me so much about life, about myself, about love…and now that I’m moving away (like, a 6-hour plane ride away) for good, I’ve been reflecting on these friendships more than ever.



Back in June, right as I was packing up my stuff to move from my cozy Montreal apartment where my friends lived within driving distance, Joy the Baker wrote a beautiful post about her friends and it brought me to tears. It was the timing clearly, but since reading that (and spending up to 10 hours a day on the road) I have really been reflecting on my gal pals and what I have learned from them over the years, and I wanted to share all of the goodness with you!..and them, obviously 😛


My friend Whitney has taught me that standing up for yourself, and your friends, whatever the situation, is really effing important. When a bad boyfriend got me down, Whitney would destroy him. When I acted like a not-so-good friend in my teens, she flat out told me. Nobody puts Whitney in a corner, and having her on your side will make you feel like a life champion.


My friend Jessica showed me that no matter what, baby or not, you can make time for those who matter to you. This girl means business. I can genuinely say that Jess has never said “no” when I’ve asked to either hang out or do me a favour. She’s always willing to host a last minute party, to meet you for a drink, to pick you up somewhere, and she’s ALWAYS down for a beer.

My friend Katie Mac taught me that talking out the real deep stuff, the stuff no one else knows about, can be the best damn feeling this world has to offer. Let the secrets that you can fly OUT if you have someone. Cry together, grab a tissue. It feels heavenly.


My friend Lindsay taught me the importance of following your dreams, but like, in a MAJOR way. Lindsay studied one of the hardest Engineering fields that you can, and graduated as one of the VERY few women in her class. She wanted a baby as soon as possible after graduating and so she had one. She wanted to move to Southern Ontario so that she could live near the water and so she did. I wish I could bottle up her determination and bring it with me on my move, but instead, I can hopefully learn from it.

My friend Kathleen, the free bird that left high school one year earlier than the rest of us to “get the heck out of Dodge and see the world” taught us all the importance of travel. While the rest of us were partying and making our parents pull their hair out, Kathleen was studying HARD to graduate a year early so that she could move to Europe. She lived there for YEARS and travelled everywhere with essentially no belongings. She’s settled down now, but she has LIVED dammit!

My friend Katie P taught me how great exercise can make your body feel, and that maybe I shouldn’t eat 6 cookies…only 3. Katie is the girl that got me into fitness in the first place. I remember contemplating running my first marathon and talking to her about it – she was SO encouraging! She’s one of these people who always has something supporting to say that will give you confidence. Back in the day, we started this little fitness motivation club with our friend Katie Mac (described above!) and together we had the BEST summer.

My friend Amanda taught me that staying in touch isn’t so hard if you just pick up the phone and shoot a quick text. You know the ones – the “Hey how are you? Anything new?” text that is essentially saying “I’m thinking of you!”? Amanda wins at those and makes you feel reaaaaaal special.


My friend Meghan makes me want to loosen the heck up! Let your hair down, wiggle your hips a bit, and see the world! Embrace that young body while you have it and see as many things as you possibly can!


My friend Amber…ohhhh my friend Amber. I wouldn’t be “me” without her. She’s taught me stuff ranging from how showering and dressing up for the day can actually make us more confident about ourselves to how important it is to actually show up when others need you. Amber is my best friend and we’ve known each other since we were 11, but we’re not still so close due to the longevity of our friendship, we actually get each other. I’d have to say that if I had one “take away” thing that I’ve learned from this girl it’s being open to the idea of new, and often very scary, experiences. Amber will pretty much try anything once…like, I haven’t seen her walk the rim of a volcano, but I know she will one day, and maybe I would too if I were as open as her.


OH! And bonus points for my sister-in-law and amazing friend Allie. I saved her for the end because she’s the newest, but still, I have learned SO much from her in the past 7 years. Allie taught me the importance of listening. This is a major one. When you need to dish, DISH, that’s ok! But it’s also really helpful to be a bouncing board for someone who needs you. You’ll be able to tell when that is when the situation hits.

Thanks for being the COOLEST friends girls! Hopefully I can use, if even half of, what you taught me in my new life out West! I’m the luckiest. xoxo

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6 Responses to What My Best Girlfriends Have Taught Me

  1. cakespy says:

    I too am fortunate to have longtime friends…and it is really the best. It’s like having a soul that is pinned to yours, in the most beautiful way. Lovely post!

  2. What a beautiful posts! You and your girlfriends are gorgeous!

  3. Nanny says:

    We have known Katrina’s close friends for so many years and they are the best. Throughout high school years and later we were so fortunate to have them party here at the house and respect us old folks .Oh how we wish we could go back to those times where we too felt young and enjoyed having the crowd here and having great conversations about whatever. You gals are all awesome and you are so fortunate to have each other as more that just friends but as the best buds who look out for each other. Wishing you all mega years of love and friendship. <3

  4. I love this! Especially how you called out each friend with what she’s contributed to making you and your life better. They all sound like badass women!

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