This weekend was a true delight. The weather was (relatively) cooperative, I did a lot of baking, and I didn’t have any plans.

Fresh Lime Sherbet

I did see others doing some crazy stuff though. As I’ve mentioned before, Montreal is a fabulous city to live in, especially in summer, since there is always a ton of random stuff going on. Like, on Saturday while I was on my morning run I ran by a giant waterslide and then later that day for my evening walk noticed a bunch of people my age playing soccer in giant bubbles. I NEED to join this soccer team immediately…and so do you.

Fresh Lime Sherbet

I also ate a lot of ice cream, which is nothing new. On Friday night Paul was still away, so I sat down with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s half baked and finished up season 1 of The Affair. On Saturday Paul and I got some soft serve and then loved it so much that we headed back for round #2 on Sunday because…ice cream. Duh.

Fresh Lime Sherbet

Although Paul and I have similar taste when it comes to food, we differ big time when it comes to ice cream. I like cookies and cream, a solid mint chocolate chunk, or a creamy French vanilla. He likes tart or fruity sherbets and sorbets and chocolate, mostly, and his absolute favorite is lime.

Fresh Lime Sherbet

So, here we are! I made this flavour to make the human I love most happy and was damn pleased with the flavour myself! The sherbet is super smooth and creamy (I used cream in this recipe) and has the perfect amount of tartness from the fresh lime juice. I fell in love.

Oh, and if you’re interested in the difference between sherbet and sorbet, The Kitchn has a great article that you can check out!

Fresh Lime Sherbet

Happy Monday friends!

Fresh Lime Sherbet

Yield: 1 quart


  • 1 tbsp lime zest
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/8 tsp Kosher salt
  • 2/3 cup freshly squeezed lime juice (from about 6-8 limes)
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 2 tsp vodka
  • 2/3 cup heavy cream


  1. The night before, place your ice cream maker bowl in the freezer.
  2. In the bowl of your food processor, combine the zest, sugar and salt. Pulse 10-15 times, or until the sugar is damp and fragrant. Combine the lime juice and water in a large measuring cup, and with the food processor running, slowly add the juice/water mixture in a steady stream. Process for about 1 minute, or until the sugar has dissolved completely. Pour the mixture through a fine-mesh strainer into a freezer-safe bowl to remove the lime zest. Mix in the vodka and cover the bowl with plastic wrap.
  3. Place bowl in your freezer for 40 minutes, or until the mixture is very cold (about 40 degrees F on an instant read thermometer). Don’t let the mixture freeze in there!
  4. Add the heavy cream to a medium bowl and (by hand) whisk until soft peaks form, this takes about 4 minutes.
  5. Remove the juice mixture from the freezer and, whisking constantly, slowly pour the juice mixture (down the edge of the bowl rather than in the center) into the cream in a steady stream. Immediately add the mixture to your ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions. (Mine took about 15-20 minutes to reach soft serve consistency.)
  6. Transfer the sherbet to an airtight container and press a piece of plastic wrap directly against the surface. Freeze for at least 3 hours (or until firm) before serving.


Recipe adapted from Tracey's Culinary Adventures

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18 Responses to Fresh Lime Sherbet

  1. I love the lime flavor in desserts and one cream, so zesty, so lemony, but with a distinct refreshing flavor, ugh I need a spoon of that frozen creamy goodness!

  2. We love anything that involves lime. And this looks so summery and fresh. Pinned!

  3. Oh my gosh, I’ve been eating my weight in ice cream lately, I think it’s just that time of year, it ALWAYS sounds good! I’m a big fan of citrus in ice cream, so I just adore this!

  4. This sounds so good! I have to make this before summer ends.

  5. This does sound like it would hit the spot during a hot summer afternoon.

  6. That looks darn tasty girl! I love zingy, and when it comes to ice creams and sorbet I will always be in the mood for one of them, never both at the same time, which makes it easier when faced with umpteen different flavours. Yesterday I went for a Baileys flavoured one when the sun was shining for once on this cold Summer in Glasgow, so good! But today, I feellike I’m in more of a sorbet mood – this looks awesome 😀
    And living in Montreal sounds like so much fun! Especially the football 😀 x

  7. What a refreshing way to beat the heat!

  8. YUM that looks super refreshing! I bet it would go super well with something coconutty too, it just looks so tropical 🙂

  9. Joanne says:

    I used to think I was more into creamy rich ice creams…but lately the sweet tarts have been more my style! I would totally down a whole quart of this in NO TIME.

  10. what a perfect recipe for these hot summer days! love it <3

  11. Love this! Love lime and sounds so refreshing for this heat lately 🙂

  12. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I love tucking under something warm with a bowl of dessert and Netflixing- this sherbet looks perfect for that 🙂

  13. Katrina, that sounds like the dreamiest kind of weekend (though I hope you get to play soccer in giant bubbles soon!). Also this sherbet sounds all sorts of amazing!

  14. Oh my – I bet this would taste amazing with a big old pile of vanilla wafer cookies!! 🙂

  15. Sabrina says:

    I am really craving this lime sherbet now!

  16. Your weekend sounds so lovely! Glad you could have an unscheduled time of baking and relaxing. And this recipe! LOVE. The Mr. is going to be so happy when I make this for him. He is a total sherbet lover.

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