I ran my first marathon in Davos, Switzerland five years ago. I was living in Switzerland at the time and really wanted to try running a race in the Swiss Alps since I knew the scenery would be incredible.

I finished that race in 3 hours and 59 minutes and figured that if I could run a marathon in the Alps in under four hours, I might be able to run a city marathon a little faster.

Boston Marathon 2015

So I trained and ran another couple of marathons. In 2014 I qualified for the Boston Marathon in Ottawa, Canada (a very flat course) and just raced in the 2015 Boston Marathon this past Monday!

Running Boston is something I have been wanting to do since that Alp marathon in 2010, but I had envisioned running it later in life. It was a bucket list type-deal, so it was such a pleasant surprise to see that I got into this years race.

Boston Marathon 2015

The race itself has different starting times depending on how quick your qualifying time was, so I didn’t have to start until 10:50am. I slept in until 7:00am, ate breakfast (banana, peanut butter and a scone), and hopped on the bus to Hopkinton at around 8:30am.

Hopkinton itself was really lively and the runners seemed to be full of energy, despite the weather. It was cold, about 9°C (42°F), but it didn’t start to rain until about 10:45am, which was nice, because running in the rain is one thing, but standing in the cold and rain is another! In Hopkinton they has some food to give out, and the longest bathroom lines EVER! Like, 40 minute waiting lines. Insane!


Finishing time: 3:35:58

The gun shot in the air to set us off at exactly 10:50am. The start was kind of slow, but nothing unusual if you’re used to big races. People were throwing their warm clothes off all over the place, but the volunteers were amazing at cleaning up.

The course was lovely. I’ve never seen crowds cheer like I saw on Monday – the whole town comes out! People were set up on their lawns and students were screaming at the top of their lungs at high schools and at Boston College along the way. I had headphones in, but when I took them out to listen to the cheers my ear drums almost exploded from the noise.

I felt good running. All anyone talked about before I left for Boston was heartbreak hill, but I didn’t even know I had just run up it until the very “top”. I guess Canadian marathons have more hills or something…anyway, I’m glad the course wasn’t as hard as I expected. There was a lot of downhill though, which was NOT fun, but I feel great now!

Oh, and the picture below is what I wore for the entire race: capri leggings, long sleeve, running jacket and little orange hat (so my family could recognize me as I ran by)!

Boston Marathon 2015

The Boston Marathon has definitely got to be one of the best managed races in the world (with the worst website ever). The staff and volunteers were super friendly, the lines at the race expo were short, and there was a killer swag bag! Also, before the race the organizers sent out a bunch of emails keeping runners up to date. I was so impressed!

The only thing I had a problem with was the amount of gels and food given out along the course. The Ottawa Marathon, Toronto Waterfront Marathon, and Montreal Marathon all provide gels every 10 km along their courses along with orange slices and bananas! I was expecting this in Boston, but was definitely wrong. The locals were giving out orange slices though…I wanted to kiss all of them. At mile 17 Cliff was giving out energy gels, so as I passed the volunteers I picked up about 6. Note to self: be better prepared for energy shots along the way!!


Boston Marathon 2015

We stayed at the Westin Boston Waterfront, which was only a 25 minute walk to the Hopkinton buses and close to the fitness expo as well. We walked everywhere, and were really pleased with the location. Also, we checked out of the hotel on the morning of Marathon Monday and the hotel let me come back after we had already checked out to shower in the gym locker room!! I would definitely stay there again.

Since we were only in Boston for two nights, we didn’t get to eat #AllTheThings, but we did manage to check out a few nice places to eat.

  • For coffee, check out Thinking Cup for a fantastic cappuccino and delicious lemon poppyseed scone.
  • For some solid seafood and Sicilian-style grub, check out The Daily Catch.
  • For a fantastic bakery and a mean sticky bun, check out Flour Bakery.

And that’s all for now! Have you run Boston before? Did you run it this year? Are you trying to qualify in the future? I want to hear all about it!! xx

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27 Responses to The Boston Marathon

  1. Congrats!!! What an impressive time for the Boston Marathon!

    Running is something I myself have a love/hate relationship with. For a long time, Boston was on my bucket list, but I keep getting weird foot injuries so right now, it’s nothing but a pipe dream. I’m always so admirable of folks (like you!) who just go ahead and just do it!

  2. congratulations!!! this is sooooooo huge 🙂 and that sticky from flour bakery is a MUST.

  3. Ashley says:

    Congratulations!!! So impressive! It sounds like you really enjoyed it too!

  4. wow you did it girl! and what an amazing time, I am not a runner, I just do short distances because of my knees, but I am so impressed with people who have the ability and endurance to run long distances. Also, the dedication to train for an event like this is something that I admire as well!
    Hope running the marathon made you feel better, took some of you internal pain, and made you forget about other things!

  5. Congrats on finishing! What an amazing goal to cross off the bucket list 🙂

  6. Congrats – what an amazing accomplishment! I only run when someone is chasing me, so mad respect to you and all the other runners! 🙂

  7. That is amazing 😀 You should be so proud of yourself, it sounds like an amazing experience 🙂 x

  8. Ah, you are amazing! Congrats Katrina!

    And HOW did I not know you used to live in Switzerland?! So cool!

  9. I am in AWE of you girl! And I am super jealous that you got to go to Flour Bakery – it’s the best!!

  10. I’m so proud of you! What a great accomplishment that not many people get to do. And how cool that you lived in Switzerland? I’m so jealous lol! Congrats!!!

  11. fanny says:

    Congratulations. You make me want to start running! PS. Thank you for your very kind words on my blog. Really happy to have found yours now. xx

  12. congratulations! the orange hat is such a good idea. i am building up to marathons – running my first 10k this summer! i still have a ways to go to get to a marathon, but you know. working on it 🙂

  13. Zainab says:

    Congratulations again!!! You are such a wonder woman!! (Also, flour bakery is just addictive!!)

  14. Sugar et al. says:

    Wow! You are amazing! Congratulations Katrina.I feel guilty after reading this for not running in years despite all the sugar and butter overload.

  15. I can’t say–You Go Girl—-because you DID. Congratulations. I am impressed.

  16. Trisha says:

    So impressive – congratulations!

  17. Wow! congrats on the Boston Marathon!!! I’ve only run a half, years ago in San francisco, but am actually training now for a half this summer. . I’ve always run but it’s great to be running with a goal in mind now!!! I hope to do the full 26.2 miles one day!

  18. Joanne says:

    YAYAYAYAY you are my HERO for running such an awesome time in such TERRIBLE weather. Also, we need to do another race together. I MISS YOUR FACE.

  19. Congrats on running Boston! My husband attempted to run it a few years ago when the temps started out in the 80s and went into the 90s…ugh! They recommended people actually not run that day. I think your day sounded just about perfect tho. Great time!!! 🙂

  20. El says:

    Congratulations! That is awesome that you qualified and ran. Very impressive!! So glad you had a great time in Boston. Bravo!!

  21. Wow, you smoked that race! That is so awesome! Congratulations! Such a huge accomplishment to run any marathon but to do so well in Boston is just amazing!

  22. Congratulations!! So impressed.

    I’ve done two half marathons, but don’t know if I’m up for a full one (I like to tell myself that the two halves I did add up to a whole anyway). I love the Boston Marathon, though–I used to live right on the route and be able to watch from the roof.

    Glad you had fun in my city! I love Flour, too :).

  23. Pam says:

    Just found your blog via the Rock ‘n Bloggers page. My daughter and I are also Rock ‘n Bloggers this year. This post brings back great memories for me from the Boston Marathon. I also qualified in 2014 as did my sister so we were able to run together which made the race extra special.

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