I love holiday season and everything, but the downside? Having to save recipes for next year. It’s the worst!


This recipe for Cadbury Mini Egg Blondies was posted in 2012, and I’ve been waiting an entire 11 months to make it. Life is hard.


There are upsides though, because this recipe was totally worth the wait. Mini Eggs are hands down my favorite Easter treat, and since the little chocolates are so small I can eat 50 of them without feeling bad. And in bar form they are so, so, much better.

You can find the recipe here from Bakeaholic Mama.


I hope you like them!! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

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19 Responses to Cadbury Mini Egg Blondies

  1. Paige Flamm says:

    These blondies look so delicious! cadbury eggs are a favorite in our house so we’ll have to test these out!


  2. Tracey says:

    Cadbury mini eggs are my husband’s favorite candy this time of year, he goes through SO many bags. I’ll have to make these for him before it becomes impossible to find mini eggs anymore!

  3. Helen says:

    Have lots of the mini eggs here at home so when you come you’ll enjoy the treat. Nan

  4. Skylor (Sprout Lifestyle) says:

    Super cute. Excited for you that your day has come!

  5. Sues says:

    I agree that is the worst part about holidays… and then I usually forget to make the recipes once the holiday comes around! This one looks worth the wait 🙂

  6. YUM! We need to get these and my M&M cookie bars together and have a good ol’ bar party. =)

  7. These scumptious! they might mean though I can no longer have the whole packet of eggs to myself any longer ): I really like your picture too
    from Emily x

  8. A great way to enjoy Easter candy. I made something similar yesterday.

  9. Joanne says:

    For me the worst part of the holiday posted is trying to get enough seasonal recipes posted before the actual holiday! I haven’t had any mini eggs this year but I think I need to…obviously in blondie form!

  10. Alicia @ peachtopie.blogspot.com says:

    I know! Especially on pinterest, I always pin cute ideas, but then I’m pretty sure I forget 90% of things that I have saved. I am impressed that you remembered that you were going to make these for Easter. Cute idea — I love blondies!

  11. Two (or three) magic words, Mini egg and Blondies.

  12. GORGEOUS. Love those little mini eggs…

  13. Cadbury mini eggs? How have I not already devoured an entire bag of these already???

  14. These are my favorite Easter candy too!! Dare I say, Easter candy is waaaay better than Halloween candy! That is only my humble opinion. I love blondies, they are like the best buttery treat. Add in the mini eggs and you have sold me!

  15. sippitysup says:

    Yum. That is sufficient I think. After all it is the international language. GREG

  16. Monet says:

    Yum! My best friend adores cadbury eggs, so I can’t wait to make this for her. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Monica says:

    This looks so delightful and cute! Perfect for Easter. I’ll have to make this soon!

  18. This recipe is perfection! You can’t get any better than brown sugary, rich blondies studded with milky, creamy cadbury eggs. LOVE!

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