10 Responses to 2012 Gift Guide For Winter (Lady) Runners (under $200)

  1. Jen says:

    I love this post! I’m not a runner but I will pass this along to my more athletic friends for sure. And those gloves would make a great gift for any iPod addict!

  2. Love the post and the gift suggestions. I’d love one of everything on here!

  3. Karista says:

    I try to run. I’ve tried being a runner. But alas, I’m more of a fast walker. My sister is a runner as well as many of my friends so I will share. :) Happy Holidays to you!

  4. Barbara says:

    Hi, I’m so glad you put the ponytail toque (didn’t know that’s what they’re called) on your list. I’ve seen girls wearing them at races, but had yet to find one for myself. What a great idea they are!! Love love love your blog!

  5. This will be my first year running in cold weather (I say that optimistically but I might just hibernate until Spring, who knows?) and these are great suggestions! Thanks!

  6. This is the perfect list for me; I will take one of everything please! Seriously though, I may just sent this link post to my husband and say, “I want this!”

  7. Joanne says:

    This gave me some AWESOME gift ideas to tell my mom to get me lol. It’s so hard to think of things you want the older you get though! I’m a Brooks Adrenaline girl myself, but I do need a good pair of gloves and a hat. Oh and a new foam roller…I’ve heard the Grid is awesome!

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